UP-PART is a modular shoe looking at extending footwear’s lifespan.

With the current sneaker trend, ever more low quality, cheap shoes are sold. Weak points in their designs lead to a lifespan that hardly exceeds a year when worn on a regular basis.

UP-PART shoes provide sole and upper separately. Either can be replaced when damaged, hence limiting waste.

Since every part is detachable by the user, they are also easier to recycle.


Using a grid & clip system with either straps or laces, it can easily be assembled by users. This design opened substantials opportunities for customisation.

UP-PART’s sole, upper, tongue, backtab, straps and laces being interchangeable, it allows endless possibilities to re-style the shoes from a wide variety of colours, textiles and textures.

This results in an ever-changing and everlasting footwear which can be adapted to any mood, season, and style.

photo credit: Iris Rijskamp

First UP-PART prototype: the sole is modelled in CAD then CNC milled in hard foam in order to make a mould. It is then casted in rubber.


Colour and material combinaison tryouts 


Store simulation: the customer can build and customise his own shoe from the variety of tones & textures.


UP-PART shoes comes as high, low and open sneakers.