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Hello & welcome

Objects surrounding us build our identity, our memories and heritage. I aim to design products that we cherish, that accompany us along our life, and that might even be passed to the next generation.

To me, the most important quality a designer can have is empathy. By understanding user’s needs, values and aspirations we can find more relevant solutions.

In a world facing ecological problems, I think we should ponder on what is really worth designing and take responsibility: design should weight and balance the product footprint according to its lifespan.



My name is Lucille, I am a French designer currently working at Decathlon, designing for kids cycling.

After an internship for the brand HAY, I worked at GRO agency where I had the opportunity to design for brands such as Nespresso, Gillette and Siemens.

Here is a sample of personal projects I have enjoyed working on in the past years. For more content or information, feel free to contact me at:

instagram: @lucillendesign

All works © Lucille Nguyen - Please do not reproduce without consent.

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